Video: University Lecturer Cau.ght On Came.ra Doing It With Her Female Student

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A university professor in China has been caught red-handed having sxx with a student in the classroom in broad daylight. The professor who was totally unaware he was being filmed had sxx with the female student on a desk inside the classroom.

As revealed by the footage, the professor was contented after finishing his thing before disembarking from the student.
The footage was captured in Changzhou University in China and according to reports, the professor is now facing a panel for violating the university’s code of conduct.
The video has sparked outrage on social media. One commenter said: “Although this teacher must be pretty stupid, when he is banging a student in her classroom I don´t get why people are sneakily filming to put it in the internet later on.”
Another added: “Where do they expect a teacher to have sxx with a student? In a busy corridor or the staff room?”
Watch video below:

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