Tech Entrepreneur Sean Parker donates $250 Million for Cancer Immunotherapy Research

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Because there is currently no cure for cancer, one of the most important things we can do as individuals and as a society is to promote research and development efforts that are looking at alternative and emerging cancer treatments, in the hopes that one day they will lead to a cure.

Sean Parker
Sean Parker
Sean Parker – a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has made a name for himself through involvement with digital services such as Facebook, Spotify, and Napster – today announced that he is putting some of his fortune into finding a cure for cancer. This new program, called the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, will focus on immunotherapy, an experimental cancer treatment that shows promise toward developing a potential cure.

Time for More Research

Part of Parker’s drive to fund immunotherapy treatments is that he believes cancer research has made little progress over the last several decades, despite the great amounts of money that have been spent developing new drugs. “Average life expectancy has only increased three to six months,” he explained, “with some of these drugs that cost billions to develop.”