#FreeEvans hashtag trends on Twitter and more Nigerians are angry

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The hashtag, #freeevans has been met with mixed reactions, as many online users are angry at the fact that some set of people are gunning for Evans to be freed, since Senator Saraki was also freed.

  A tweet from @ani_nomso who apparently is disgusted by the campaign reads; “Everybody partaking in #freeevans may kidnappers locate you.. Ya’l are mad. Evans destroyed families in Festac.. My goodness.”

Another user, @Adessy09 is of the opinion that Evans should be killed by Firing squad on Live tv: “He needs to be killed by firing squad on live TV… along with his wife…His kids shld be taken into custody and rehabs. #FreeEvans my foot”

Akintola who seems sarcastic, called for Evans to be freed, as the easiest way to free a man is death: “I am in total supprt of the #FreeEvans movement. The fastest way to free him is for the authorities to sentence him to death”

Some more reactions below;

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